Granitos Irmãos Peixoto | Industry Decarbonization
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Industry Decarbonization

Installation of fence 800 photovoltaic solar panels

This project aims to eliminate a considerable part of its energy needs in the industrial activity of transforming granite and other ornamental rocks, through the installation of an energy production system using photovoltaic solar panels. The photovoltaic energy production system will have a total of 430,3 kW of power,
being composed of 662 modules 650 W cada. The system is also composed of 4 inversores Huawei Sun2000 100KTL, 1 Smartlogger production counter 3000 A, Connection wiring and other components necessary for the operation of the solar energy plant.



● Installation of a production system
energy of 430,3 kW of power
● Installation of 662 panel modules
photovoltaic 650 W
● Forecast of reduction in GHG emissions
(108,66 tons of CO2)
● Reduction of GHG emissions in 39,65%
● Reduced energy consumption
primary in 44,03%